architect interior design Cambodia

T3 had to design a Mass Market Hotel of 500 rooms minimum to welcome mainly Asian tourists (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese…). That’s the reason why T3 has decided to place the Porte-Cochere in the Central part of the Plot, along the main road, to divide this huge Hotel in 2 parts facing a very well designed opened-Podium (with large pool, pound and gardens). All Public facilities (Lobby, restaurant, spa, gym) are located at the Podium level while operational facilities (delivery area, Back of House, technical rooms, staff canteen…) are based into the basement. Rooms are organized on both side of a opened corridor (no air conditioning). Wardrobes and balconies on facade are used as “sun screen” to avoid direct sun into the room and to reduce energy consumption. A double ventilated roof allows to keep the last floor fresh and it limits the use of AC. Landscape design proposes 3 main areas: a water “path” creating several courtyards on South side, offering different ambiances between rest and activities (A), a large swimming pool having a natural shape proposing different activities around: massage huts, pool bar, sunbath…. (B), a mineral square with fountains and a kindergarten directly connected with Lobby (C). The 581 rooms are all the same, with an efficient layout, a window between bathroom and bedroom to “break the wall”, a private balcony facing the Sea and Nature…

Client: International investor

Budget: 40 Millions USD

Collaboration: Landscape Jardins (Vietnam, Brazil) and INTERLUDE Architecture (France)