About T3

T3 Architecture Asia team

Charles GALLAVARDIN, Tereza GALLAVARDIN and Thang LE HOANG, all three architects, and Jonathan TROUILLON environmental engineer, have decided to combine their skills and create the company T3 Architecture Asia based in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Asian branch of T3 Architecture based in Marseille (France).
Specialized in Green architecture as well as in contemporary Interior Design & Heritage preservation, we decided to offer our knowledge to promote Green Building and Sustainable Urban Development, collaborating closely with Landscapers, engineers, artists, project/construction managers, graphic designers… to realize high standard and innovative projects.

T3 Architecture Asia is a multi-disciplinary design team engaged in Architectural, Interior Design and Landscape design. With office located in Ho Chi Minh City, we cover Vietnam and South East Asia.


– Architects who accompany their clients in the building process from the Concept Design to the Handover of the project; help them to make the right choices (best compromise between architectural quality & construction cost).
– An architecture that respects people (elegant, healthy, functional) and environment (local solutions and local consultants, low carbon consumption).
– Architects who encourage, at the same budget, the choice of Quality and Sustainability, rather than focusing on (too) large scale project.
– Architects who promote social mix, the mix of functions in the city, the fight against urban sprawl, contemporary architecture that blends into the landscape and takes into account the environment (climate, urban context, view).
– Architects who listen to their customers and manage to propose more than what they expected (innovation, creative value). Their design gives, at the end, full satisfaction to the users in term of design, functionality, comfort and economy (construction cost & energy saving).

Human resources

Charles GALLAVARDIN (Partner): Architect / Interior designer, specialist in Heritage preservation (French)
Tereza GALLAVARDIN (Partner): Architect / Interior designer (Czech)
Thang HOANG LE (Partner) : Architect / Landscape designer (Vietnamese graduated in Paris)

Jonathan TROUILLON (Partner): Environmental engineer, lighting Designer (French)

Anthony RISSE (Country Representative – Cambodia): Architect / Interior designer (French)

Emmanuelle DEJOS: Architect / Interior Designer (French)

Cypris VANNIER TRUCHOT : Architect / Interior Designer (French)

Binh HAI DINH: Interior Designer (Vietnamese graduated in Paris)

Raphael DAUVILLIER: Architect (French)

Local staff: architects, landscape engineers, 3D makers
Local and international consultants (architects, landscapers, urban designers, renewable energy / energy efficiency engineers, designers, light consultant, project managers,…).


T3 Architecture Asia Office – Green Building – Ho Chi Minh City

T3 Architecture Asia Office – Phnom Penh