EMM Hotel Saigon – VIETNAM



Interior Design and landscape design of the new 3* Brand EMM Hotel with the first hotel located at 157 Pasteur Street in Saigon in VIETNAM.

T3 has designed the Lobby floor with reception and back office, hotel rooms and breakfast floor (including roof top lounge bar).

The design is contemporary with a palette of color around white and grey, with touch of 2 “pop” colors representing the new brand: “azalea” pink and green “hot pepper”.

Designers have reserved an important place to contemporary art in their Concept Design to make the first brand of Hotel in Vietnam promoting contemporary artists: Sandrine Llouquet, Nadège David and Olivia Marty.

T3 has also designed a special range of Furniture for EMM brand which is a mix of hardwood and laminated, between past and modernity.

Client: Thien Minh Group – TMG

Construction cost: 500.000 USD

Collaboration: Tan An Construction Company & MM++ (furniture)

Artists: Olivia MARTY (photograph), Sandrine LLOUQUET (artist), Nadege DAVID (artist)

Photos: Laurent WEYL – Collectif Argos