Full renovation, full Interior Design and full landscape design of the new EMM Hotel Hue – 75 keys – in Hue city (central VIETNAM).

T3 proposed to renew completely all facades to make the whole building much more modern than previously by making them more simple and with better proportions (no more cornice, tinted glass or round shape windows). T3 also focused on all landscape design to create a very nice Pool area, with an open bar facing the pool and allowing to get shadow during hot season.

The interior design of all “public” areas follows the EMM Hotel brand created by T3 for the EMM Hotel Saigon, but bringing the Hue touch, especially with the new palette of color of white and grey, with a touch of 2 “pop” colors making reference both to EMM Brand (always 2 main colors for each hotel) and to Hue traditional culture: Green Jade (like the famous stone) and Purple (like the traditional “ao dai” tunic from Hue).

T3 has reserved an important place to contemporary art in their Concept Design to continue to make the EMM brand one of the first brand in Vietnam promoting contemporary artists: Florence MUSSOU (fashion and textile designer).

Client: Thien Minh Group – TMG

Construction cost: 1.500.000 USD

Artists: METISEKO (fashion and textile designer)