Eco 4* Hotel in Bagan – MYANMAR


4* Hotel (Green architecture – 83 Keys) to propose a new “product” to the International tourists visiting Myanmar and especially the historical city of Bagan. Hotel design following the Bio-climatic Principles => large overhangs, sun-protection, natural ventilation, double ventilated roof, …, use of local material (concrete for structure + bricks + local wood for deck, doors and windows), for a very reasonable construction cost. T3 team made the choice to conserve all existing trees to keep as much as possible the Identity of the Site, to make shadow on the building and to give a green atmosphere for the Hotel customers. All rooms are facing the Patio and swimming pool to recreate a sort of “fresh Oasis” : a major issue regarding the very hot climate in Bagan. Interior Design is a mix between contemporary and historical elements, between tradition and modernity. All furniture and decorative lighting have been design by T3 team, as well as all landscape design.

Phase : under construction (opening in May 2015)

Cost: around 4 Millions USD

Partners: Artelia group (project Management + Construction Management), CPE (structure and M&E Design)

Client: Local Investor