EVERGREEN 160314_EverGreenInterior_Final_View03.RGB_colorT3 Team designed a very Contemporary and very Luxury interior design for EVERGREEN “Hypernest” Club (under construction). T3 concept consists in highlighting the amazing “shell” shape of the building which, symbolically, will protect VIP guests and create a very pleasant environment for them. Because we are located along a River, T3 decided to design an impressive ceiling made by brass metal with the aim to reproduce the water ripples as well as water reflection. Then, to bring more poetry in the project, T3 want to get flying penguins Drones moving into the dome above the Guests… Tailor made luxury benches follow curving lines and shapes, as to get a strong consistency between Interior and Architecture. Black marble, leather, solid wood, brass metal are part of the materials use by T3 to create an interior that is both Luxury and Elegant. A wine tower located in a central Position of the Club is designed to have a dancer-waitress suspended to a cable to bring expensive liquors and Champagne  to customers, “flying” between Lobby floor and Restaurant floor. Entrance corridor, Lobby and cigar club follow a more luxury classical style but inspiring by luxury yachts, with comfortable armchairs, windows facing the river, wood and leather to get a good acoustic. Real luxury finally meets Vietnam with Evergreen project…

Client: TAI NGUYEN Consultant Co Ltd

Budget: Confidential

Collaboration: HUNI architectes (Danang and Toulon) – MASTER PLAN and ARCHITECTURE Package

Landscape Jardins Asia (LJA) – LANDSCAPE Package

RFR Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) – STRUCTURE and MEP Package

ELEK (Ho Chi Minh City) – LIGHTING Package