_JUN2311T3 just finalized the new METISEKO boutique on the famous Dong Khoi Street in Saigon. The challenge was first to bring METISEKO brand a step ahead to Luxury, but keeping his previous “soul”; secondly, make a luxury shop in a “poor” existing building by creating a kind of patio offering a much more interesting volume to the shop and inviting customers to go upstairs. T3 did it! Reusing some decorative elements of the brand (wooden bricks, wood carving…), mixing them with new contemporary elements, quite minimalist and composed by some luxury materials: traditional lacquered furniture, authentic stucco walls and decorative panels, brass metal frames…. In the interior “courtyard”, T3 decided to create an infinite ceiling, by installing mirrors on the wall and ceiling, having traditional Hoi An lanterns flying up to the virtual sky… Color palette defined by T3 is quite neutral: white, grey, balck; METISEKO products bringing the colours through their unique fabrics, tailor-made clothes and scarves as well as their wonderful fashion photos. Lighting was properly designed to highlight the products and create a cosy environment for customers.

Collaboration: Structure and MEP Design (Khang Nam Engineering), Main Contractor (Giacat Co), Lighting (ELEK), Construction Management (Atelier MoDat)

Photograph: Brice GODARD