T3 team realized the full renovation, interior design and landscape design of the new Victoria Nui Sam lodge. The main intention of the designers was to highlight the amazing view on rice fields with a quite minimalist interior design and a landscape design using only plants and trees from the Nui Sam region, as to make sure the Hotel is very well intergrated into the large landscape. T3 architects bring their “green concepts” as far as possible and decided to keep the restaurant without AC (only natural ventilation as to save energy). T3 also created vegetable garden as well as an aromatic plants garden, so cookers can use it for the restaurant. The construction company selected for this project is coming from Mekong Delta and it make sense for T3 to promote local labor force (it makes also some energy saving in terms of transport). This new Victoria green resort is now an essential place to enjoy the beauty of Mekong Delta!

Client: Thien Minh Group – TMG

Collaboration: Tan An Construction Company & MM++ (furniture)